We’re just a family raising a sweet herd of miniature Nubian goats in deep east Texas!

We’re passionate about our little herd and about creating structurally correct goats with high milk production, strongly attached udders, low maintenance easy keepers, that have beautiful breed character.

Our girls are not penned goats that lay around eating hay and feed all day. They are browsers and grazers and are constantly improving our pasture and are out foraging for the majority of their diet as well as getting plenty of getting exercise. 

We breed for soft pliable udders that remain tight against the body with teats above the hocks that are a joy to hand milk. We expect our girls to milk at about a gallon a day without having to be force-fed high amounts of grain and utilize minimal alfalfa as well as having a will to milk!

And there will be goats’ milk enough for your food, For the food of your household,

Proverbs 27:27

What is a Miniature Nubian?


The Mini-Nubian is the result of a cross of a Nigerian Dwarf and a Nubian initially. Those crosses are then bred to each other to continue the breed. Mini-Nubians are mid-size goats, ranging in between Nigerians and Nubians as far as height, however, they can rival most average Nubians in milk production! You get almost the same amount of milk as the Nubian with a touch more butterfat from the Nigerian. They have wonderful personalities and color patterns to boot!

Our Minis produce anywhere from a half-gallon a day up to a gallon and a half per day, averaging at a gallon! When looking for a dairy animal, you want to look at records of what they produce, and if possible, milk the animal itself! Dairy goats are a big investment but the rewards and benefits are priceless!


Peaches – TMM Gulf Coast Swing – RGCH Sr Doe x 1; 3x Best Udder in Class
MannaTMM Gulf Coast Swing – RGCH Jr Doe x 1; GCH Jr Doe x 1
ShebaTMM Gulf Coast Swing – 2x 1st; 1x 2nd

Lyric – MDGA Spring V-Show – BIS, GCH Sr Buck, RCH Sr Buck
LarkMDGA Spring V-Show – Reserve Grand Ch Jr Doe
Olive – TMM Texas Two Step, Boerne, TX – 1st and 2nd place
Marshmallow – SCTGC Memorial Classic Brenham, TX – 2nd and 5th of 10
Peaches – MDGA Top Ten list for 2022 (#7 in butterfat, #8 in BF%)

Calla  – MDGA Top Ten Production list for 2021
(#3 in weight, #3in butterfat, and #9 in BF%)
Olive – MDGA Fall V-Show – Grand Ch Jr Doe (1st out of 24 kids)
Sinai – MDGA Fall V-Show – 1st  place ring 1
Jake – MDGA Spring V-Show – GCH Sr Buck
Lyric – MDGA Spring V-Show – Reserve Grand Ch Jr Buck x 2
Olive – MDGA Spring V-Show – Reserve Grand Ch Jr Doe
Sinai – MDGA Spring V-Show – 1st and 2nd place 
Peaches – HCMM TX Two-Step Show – 1st Place x 2

Calla  – Earned 3*P / AR*D
MDGA Top Ten Production list for 2020
#7 in weight and #9 in butterfat

Peaches*P / AR*D earned
MDGA Fall V-Show – 1st place & Best Udder x 2
MDGA Spring V-Show – Best In Show – GCH SR Mini-Nubian Doe – Best Udder in Breed
2x VCH leg earned

Java – Earned VCH title
MDGA Summer V-Show GCH Sr Buck x 2

Java – MDGA Spring V-Show – GCH Sr Buck

Peaches – MDGA Spring V-Show – 1st place