Reference Animals

These are animals we have owned or have used in the past that can be referenced here for pedigree purposes.


Queenacres Keanu Kulani –  N1784310 (Click to go to ADGA)

Kulani boasts a wonderful uphill topline, dairy skin, strong shoulders, a wide flat rump, and beautiful coloring. He also was a pleasure to have! He is owned by Over the Moon Nubians and was being leased to us in 2019.  Below are pictures of his 2019 FF daughters. 

Special thanks to Over the Moon Nubians 
for the photos.



Kessel Run Iceman – F1 Mini-Nubian – 75/25%

Ice is a STUNNER! He was born to our Peaches in 2020 and was an eye-catcher from birth. Peaches’ udder matured beautifully this year and with his gorgeous build, and his sire, Kulani’s (above) traits behind him, we decided to leave him intact. 

Ice is owned by Rite Choice Dairy in Florida. He is spending the 2020 season at Texas Tykes Farm, after of which he will return here to breed in Fall 2021. Once he’s accomplished his task, he will move to Florida where we can watch what he does!

Looking forward to what this guy has to offer!