These are the animals that are the foundation of our lines that we are making. Over time, you will see almost all of these animals within the pedigree of all our babies born! Each one of these animals brings in so many valuable traits to our herd.

Fruitful-Acres Promise’s Mercy 16*M
Check Mercy out HERE

This girl is has been so amazing. She is long, has nice depth, a correct and easy to milk udder that is socked on tight. Her fore-udder is incredibly smooth into her body. She is only going on 3 years currently so she still has much maturing to do. But we are very pleased with our Mercy girl! She freshened with a beautiful FF udder and earned her 16*M on her FF. While having a single doe kid, she peaked at 6.5# while holding a steady 4-5# for the rest of her lactation until we chose to dry her off for breeding. She then freshened for her 2F with gorgeous twins and her udder was even more beautiful. Large easy to milk teats, excellent orifices that empty the udder quickly, strong socked-on attachments and a well structured medial, as well as a soft and pliable udder. Her 2F she peaked at just over 10# and has held steady with 8-9# through her current lactation. She has passed on her beautiful well-producing udder to her first daughter here and we await her next daughter to freshen in 2022! Her kids are absolutely our favorites. We are incorporating her beautiful udder and production, ease of milking, and long body length, into our herd. 

Dragon’s Hollow Peaches N Cream
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Peaches is a diamond in the ruff here! She was one of 3 of our very first goats ever to purchase. At that time we just wanted to have some milk for our own use and loved these babies and Peach, who was in FF milk, and brought them home. Then came all the research and we fell in love with these mini-Nubians. All the minis came after that as well as standard Nubians. Peach has been an excellent milker, she is the hardiest goat we own, she kids with extreme ease, and is friendly to boot. She’s our herd queen and has turned out to be a phenomenal girl. Her 4th freshening blew us away with her udder. She has strong attachments, a wide arch, capacity, and easy to milk teats and orifices. Peach is always raising her kids as she develops a very strong bond to her kids and is a great mother. She peaks at 7lbs and gives us 4-6# reliably without being pushed for production. We are incorporating her hardiness, ease of kidding, mothering instinct, and gorgeous udder into our herd. 

Wolfhill Wise Ruler *B
Check Ruler out HERE
This boy is absolutely stunning. Wide, level, strong front end, and a gorgeous udder behind him. Ruler comes from heavy Six M Galaxy lines as well as Crows Dairy. His grandsire is multi-time Elite Six M Galaxy Noel’s Comet. Ruler’s dam peaked at 20# during her last lactation and holds steady in the low teens. A very correct and high udder and easy to milk. She has a will to milk and will continue giving a respectable amount even on reduced feed. We are thrilled with Ruler’s first kids and look forwards to many more kids from him. We want to incorporate his gorgeous width, confirmation, and MILK into our herd. 

Queenacres Keanu Kulani
Check Kulani out HERE
Did we ever luck out being able to add this boy’s genetics to our herd! We were graciously able to lease this gorgeous (and amazingly mannered) buck by Over the Moon Dairy Goats. He is absolutely stunning as are his kids. Beautiful breed character, wonderful length of body, and dairy skin galore. He puts the most silkiest udder texture on his daughters. We kept a son from him and our Peaches above as well as a daughter from him and Mercy above. We will be line breeding some on Kulani to retain some of his great traits and that silky udder. We are so excited over the improvements this handsome guy made!