VCH Eden's Lily Blue Camembert


Birth Date:
Generation:  F1 Mini-Nubian
Percentage:  25/75%
Height: 23″

Breeding History

Leased here for 2021!
2021: 2 bucks / 1 doe

Progeny In Herd

Kessel Run BC Wild Olive


MDGA Fall 2021 V-show
Best Buck in Show
Grand Champion Mini Nubian Buck MDGA (3rd Leg)
VCH title earned!

MDGA Summer 2021 V-show
Grand Champion Mini Nubian Buck MDGA (2nd Leg)

MDGA Fall 2018 V-show
Reserve Champion Mini Nubian Buck MDGA

MDGA Fall 2016 V-show
Best Jr Buck in Show
Champion Mini Nubian Jr Buck MDGA – (1st Leg)




SIRE: Short on Heaven Blue Noah ( Nigerian)
*SS: Shekina Creek Piddlin Blue +B +S
*SD: Twin Creeks SAF Sookie *D

DAM: Edens Lilly Blue Ziffindale ( 1st Gen 50/50)
*DS: Short on Heaven Blue Noah
*DD: Adagio Farms F Genivera

This page is a reference page we do not own Camembert. We are leasing this fantastic buck for fall 2021 courtesy of Eden’s Lily Dairy

Camembert has phenomenal rear width as does all of his kids. We brought him in to bring properly placed shoulders, straighten legs, and bring our height and percentages down, while not sacrificing our udder width and structure. He was line bred on his sire Noah who brings about that beautiful width. We can’t wait to see what he does here! His son is putting out kids with beautiful structures and winning several reserves in shows. See more of Camembert’s kids and grandkids at Eden’s Lily Dairy

Camembert finished his VCH (Virtual Championship) in Fall 2021 with a Best Buck in Show award!


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