Dragon's Hollow Peaches N Cream


Generation:  F1 Mini-Nubian
Percentage:  50/50%
Birth Date:  April 3rd, 2016
Coloring:  Solid White

SIRE: Shady Lane Farm QB Bambi
*SS: Lil’ Hill Farm MB Queso Blanco
*SD: Shady Lane Farm Miss Priss

DAM: Dragon’s Hollow Maeve
*DS: “Sun” Hill Acres Billy Joe
*DD: Lonesome-Doe BA Galena 1*M

Disease Testing:
CAE – (Negative) – Fall 2020
CAE & JOHNES – (Negative) – Fall 2019
CAE, CL & JOHNES – (Negative) – FALL 2018

G6S: Tested Normal

2021 – 3 bucklings
 – 2 doelings / 1 buckling
2019 – 2 bucklings
2018 – 2 doelings
2017 – 1 buckling

Get to know Peaches

Peaches was our first goat ever! She has a great personality, loving, a great mother, and she is a diva. She has a very nice mammary system with a capacious udder, great tight attachments, nice smoothing of the fore udder, good teat placement, size, and orifices. She can hold a lot in that udder! It matured absolutely beautifully with her 4th freshening. Conformation wise we love her smooth neck that blends nicely in her withers, her width, and her body depth. We look to improve her topline and give a little more length in the neck as well as breed conformation in the head when we breed her. We hope that her good milking attributes will come forth in her children. She is going to be one of the foundations of our minis.

Unfortunately, I don’t have pics of her relative’s udders and not the best of her dam’s. But she’s starting the line with her own gorgeous udder.


YEARAge at freshening
Days on TestTotal Milk on TestAverage ButterfatTotal ButterfatAverage ProteinTotal ProteinAdditional Info
20203-111728174.5373.327Dried off 9/1/2020
Dam Raising doeling affected results.
20192-102088414.9413.630Dried up early

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