Kessel Run JJ Mocha Latte


Birth Date: December 1, 2020
Generation:  F1 Mini-Nubian
Percentage:  50/50%
G6S Tested Normal


Will be on test 2022

Linear Appraisal
N/A in Mini-Nubians
Breeding History

To be bred fall 2021

Progeny in Herd




SIRE: VCH Mistwood LJJ Jacobs Java (VEV 86)
*SS: Sweet Syringa’s Latin Java Joe (VV+ 85)
*SD: Otter Grove M Mazee (EEEV 90)

DAM: Running River Denali’s Ladybug
*DS: Pennyroyal Paloma’s Padron (VEE 90)
*DD: SG Running River TMRR Denali 3*M (VEEV 89)

Mocha is such a special little girl! We absolutely love the kids Java puts out so we were looking forward to seeing these guys. Mocha boasts a wonderful topline, good level rump, gorgeous wide rear leg stance as well as great angulation and width throughout. She is polled to top it off! We’re expecting a lovely FF udder as we are well pleased with Ladybug’s FF udder. We may need to beef up teat size but if she milks like her dam, we’ll be happy!

Looking forward to seeing her freshen in 2022 and watching her grow!