Fruitful-Acres Promise's Mercy


Date of Birth: June 24, 2018
Coloring: Brown; solid ears; white on poll and white splash
Linear Appraisal: To be appraised in 2021
Purebred Nubian

SIRE: Fruitful-Acres Texas Bloom *B 
* SS: Wildmntcountry Texas Ranger *B  ( +V+ 84)
* SD: SG Truly Ranch Orchid’s Bloom (+VEV 86)

DAM: Linn Farm’s Magi Promise 15*M ( +V++ 83)
* DS: SG Six M Galaxy Noel’s Magi ++*B (+VV 84) Elite
* DD: Six M Galaxy Fawn’s Callista 14*M 

Disease Testing: CAE and Johnes negative Aug/2019
G6S: Normal by Parentage

2020 – Single Doeling (Retained – Kessel Run Mercy Hallelujah)

Get to know Mercy

Mercy is one of our newest additions this year. She comes from heavy 6MG lines including Six M Galaxy Sonia Noel who was over 5 times Top Ten, over 5 times Elite doe and has milked over 4000 lbs on test! When Mercy gets her star, she will be a 16* milker, coming from a long great line of heavy milking does. We are very happy with how her FF udder has turned out. She has large orifices and milks out very quickly. Looking forward to seeing how it improves with the next couple freshenings.


YEARAge at freshening
Days on TestTotal Milk on TestAverage ButterfatTotal ButterfatAverage ProteinTotal ProteinAdditional Info
202001-0521910654.4473.436IN PROGRESS
Updated 7/20

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