VCH Mistwood LJJ Jacobs Java


Date of Birth: February 6, 2016
Breed: Nigerian Dwarf
Height: 24″ (Overheight)


Linear Appraisal
2018: VEV 86 
Breeding History

2020 – 2 does/1 buck


Show Wins
1 X GCH leg  (live show)
1 X VCH leg  (MDGA Virtual show 2019)
2 X VCH leg (MDGA Virtual Show 2020)
Earned VCH 2020


SIRE: Sweet Syringa’s Latin Java Joe (VV+ 85)
*SS: Sugar Moon RB Latin Lover
*SD: Northern Fork Kava Java

DAM: Otter Grove M Mazee (EEEV 90)
*DS: Old Mountain Farm Mirza
*DD: Pecan Hollow C Got Pickles

Java is a wonderful buck! He is being used towards our new line of mini-Nubians. Java has wonderful width, especially in the escutcheon, nice downhill straight topline, lots of dairy-ness to him and his skin. He puts beautifully wide kids out as well as his cou-clair coloring! Lots of milk and very nice high and tight udders behind him that we hope will combine well with our Nubians. He has a wonderful personality to boot! We are loving what we are seeing from him and can’t wait to freshen some mini-Nubians with his genetics Java won his virtual Championship through MDGA’s Virtual shows!

Java has several ND daughters that have done well in shows and milk testing. He currently has a beautiful daughter that has earned SG status and Elite.

Java is co-owned by Texas Tykes Farm.

Pics below left to right:
Dam’s udder, sire’s dam’s udder