Kessel Run Jacob


Birth Date: 2/20/19
Generation:  F1 Mini-Nubian
Percentage:  75/25%
G6S Normal by Parentage


2-10  208  841  41F  30P
3-11  172  817  37F  27P
4-10   63   429  14F   16P *In Progress*

Linear Appraisal
N/A in Mini-Nubians
Breeding History

2020: 8 kids with previous farm

Progeny in Herd




SIRE: Queenacres Keanu Kulani (VVV 85)
*SS: Victory Meadows Ima Mirage (EVE 90)
*SD: Victory Meadows Leilani (VVVE 88)

DAM: Dragon’s Hollow Peaches N Cream
*DS: Shady Lane Farm QB Bambi
*DD: Dragon’s Hollow Maeve

We sold Jake back in 2019 as a kid. We toyed with keeping him but went ahead and sold him as the new owners fell in love with him. Circumstances changed and he was offered back to us in late 2020 and when we saw updated pictures, we were super excited to bring him back. We leased his sire in 2019 and absolutely loved what he did in our herd and have missed having him here. We also absolutely love his dam’s udder and it’s super close to our goal udder, so it was a no-brainer to bring him back. Jake has excellent width, a lovely topline, he’s long and blended, and has wonderful dairy skin. We are excited to use him next season! His sire has been putting the most AMAZING udder texture on his daughters. Jake’s full sister (one-year younger) freshened with the silkiest udder you have ever felt. As did his half-sister by the same sire. We are hoping he passes that glorious texture on to his daughters. I never knew texture could be so different until I felt those girl’s udders! His dam has been amazing and we can’t wait to see his kids next year.

Unfortunately, there are no pics of his sire’s dam’s udder as she died shortly after birth

Udder pics below from left to right:
Dam’s udder, Sire, Grandam (dam side), Sire’s Grandam