Daystar's Calla Lilly AR*D/3*P


Birth Date:  June 15, 2016
Generation:  F5 American Mini-Nubian
Percentage:  53.34/46.66%
Height: 28″
G6S: Tested Normal



Breeding History

2022 – 1 buck/1 doe
2020 – 1 doeling
2019 – 1 buckling
2018 – Buck/Doe twins (with previous herd)


2020 – Earned 3*P/1*D AR
2020 – MDGA Top Ten list for Volume & BF#

SIRE: Cornerstone Farm Winchester ’73
*SS: Echo Hills Winchester
*SD: Cornerstone Farm Im A Star

DAM: Daystar’s Easter Bonnett 2*P
*DS: Echo Hill’s BN Bonanza
*DD: Daystar’s Phoebe *P

Calla came to our herd in early 2019! We love so much about her. While she topped out at 5# in 2020 with a single her first year with us…she gave us that daily, reliably, for 8 months straight until she got a small bout of mastitis. She is fantastic on the stand, and reliably gives us steady milk throughout her lactation.

She finished out 2021 with 1685# of milk after only having a single kid.

Starting 2022 out, Calla is milking over 10# a day!

Sorting out who to move and who not to keep our herd small while breeding up, we almost sold Calla, but I just couldn’t part with her. I adore this girl!

Page last updated – 3/2022

05-08505312419*IN PROGRESS*
Updated 4/22
04-0530516897960Earned 3*P / AR*D
03-0431213356244Earned 3*P / AR*D
MDGA Top Ten (Volume and BF)
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