Daystar's Calla Lilly 3*P


Generation:  F5 American Mini-Nubian
Percentage:  53.34/46.66%
Birth Date:  June 15, 2016
Coloring:  Medium brown w/ black points
Height: 27″

Earned milk star (3*P) 2020


SIRE: Cornerstone Farm Winchester ’73
*SS: Echo Hills Winchester
*SD: Cornerstone Farm Im A Star

DAM: Daystar’s Easter Bonnett 2*P
*DS: Echo Hill’s BN Bonanza
*DD: Daystar’s Phoebe *P

Disease Testing:
CAE (Negative) – Fall 2020
CAE & Johnes (Negative) – Fall 2019

G6S: Tested NORMAL

2020 – 1 doeling
– 1 buckling
2018 – Buck/Doe twins (with breeder)

Get to know Calla

Calla came to our herd in early 2019! We love so much about her. Cornerstone lines are one of our favorites in the minis, and we’re really liking what Daystar Farms puts out as well. She stands on great legs, has beautiful breed character, very long and level as well as a gorgeous udder that won’t stop milking! She is super sweet to boot! While she topped out at 5# in 2020 with a single…she gave us that daily, reliably for 8 months straight until she got a small bout of mastits. She will be on test again this year!


YEARAge at freshening
Days on TestTotal Milk on TestAverage ButterfatTotal ButterfatAverage ProteinTotal ProteinAdditional Info
202104-05523655.520#3.814#Kidded 12/14 w/ single
In progress - updated 2/21
202003-0431213354.6623.344DRIED 9/20
Made 305!!
Earned 3*P!!
*Note: Only had single kid

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