Texas Tykes Ruger

DOB: May 9, 2019
Registration # TBD

F1 – 78.12% / 21.88%
Red and white
Height: 20" (4 months)

Sire: Cornerstone Farm Moonlight
SS: Echo Hill’s Winchester
SD: Cornerstone Farm Glitter

Dam: Fruitful-Acres London
DS: Fruitful-Acres Mr. Darcy
DD: Fruitful-Acres Jacinth 2*M

Linear Appraisal
Kidding History


DHIR Stats

Ruger is a beautiful F1 Mini-Nubian that will be our new herd sire. He has a beautiful straight topline, good brisket extension, strong legs and feet, and gorgeous long correct ears. His dam comes from wonderful milk genetics line-breeding on Six M Galaxy Galina Darlene as well as a nice blend of Goldthwaite breedings. London, his dam, has wonderful depth and width, and a very nice udder. Well attached, a beautiful medial and well placed/sized teats. Moonlight, his sire, puts out beautifully correct and strong progeny, maybe Champions among his kids, and lovely Nubian character. He also carries great width and length. We are looking forward to the improvements that we are hoping Ruger brings to our herd!

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