Running River Denali's Ladybug

DOB: February 22, 2020
Registration # N002060973

Purebred Nubian
Black and white with tan markings

Disease testing in 2020

Sire: Pennyroyal Paloma's Padron VEE90
SS: Elf Brook RPF Rafferty VVE89
SD: Pennyroyal Paloma VEEE90

Dam: SG Running River TMRR Denali 3*M VEEV89
DS: The Too Much Rocky Road
DD: Pennyroyal Dorrit VVVE87

Linear Appraisal
Will be appraised in 2021
Kidding History

Will be bred for FF in Fall 2020


DHIR Stats


Lady comes to us from all the way in Oregon at Running River Dairy Goats! She is a flashy girl that comes from solid milk and extended lactation genetics based in the Pennyroyal and 6-M-Galaxy lines.

Her dam Denali is a super-wide and stout girl boasting lots of depth of body, that milked 14.4lbs on her first couple tests of the year. She has a beautiful well-attached udder and orifices that we hope has passed to Lady. Denali has earned the Superior Genetics title in 2018.

Lady’s sire is the only son of Pennyroyal Paloma. Paloma is a wonderful milker that has had very extended lactations over 500 and 700 days as well as obtaining TOp Ten in butterfat! Her dam is Frida, who is also noted for very extended lactations and Top Tens. Padron puts beautiful width and udders on his daughters. He appraised at VEE90 as did his dam! Paloma comes mixed with the Pennyroyal Frida and 6-M-Galaxy Noel’s Magi line, however, Padron passes on the width and not narrowness.

We are looking forward to what Lady brings to our herd. Hoping for increased width, strength, long lactations, and butterfat. Lady is a CARRIER for G6S. She will be managed by banding all males (unless we have one that will make an exceptional herdsire and is tested normal) and all does will be tested for carrier status and made known before selling. We intend to keep NORMAL status does within our herd.

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