Isidore Meadows Leviticus

DOB: March 5, 2019
Registration # N002008320

Purebred Nubian
Black and white w/ tan accent
Height: 21" (at 5 months)

Isidore Meadows Leviticus - 3 months

Sire: Saada Lord Jarlath
                     SS: Saada Patrick Joseph
                     SD: Saada Lady Jamissah 8*M - FS90 (EEEE)

Dam: Saada Lovely Dragonberry
            DS: Saada XXL Laviathan
                    DD: Saada Bacardi Silver - FS85 (VEE+)

Linear Appraisal
Will be appraised in 2020

Levi is our main Nubian herdsire. He comes from Saada lines and has beautiful perfect bell ears and a wonderful roman nose already. He has some amazing beautifully soft and delicate dairy skin, a nice topline, and a wide flat rump. We’re steadily assessing him every day as he is still a youngster but shows a lot of promise! We’ll be using him to line breed with our mini-Nubian lines. We look forward to what this beautiful boy puts out soon!

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