Texas Tykes Cleopatra

DOB: April 26, 2019
Registration # XN10273

F1 - Mini-Nubian - 83.28/16.72%
Black and white paint w/ tan points
Height: 19"

Disease testing in 2020
G6S Normal by Parentage

Texas Tykes Cleopatra

Sire: Blackberry's PP Rain Man
SS: Paradise Peter
SD: Paradise Spirit *P

Dam: Moon-Bar-Ranch Brooklyn
DS: Fruitful-Acres Titan Symphony
DD: Simple Truth Serenity

Linear Appraisal
N/A in Mini-Nubian
Kidding History


DHIR Stats

Cleo is the sweetest little girl. She comes from great Simple-Truth lines on the standard side as well as Blackberry lines. Cleo’s sire is very correct, with a straight topline and high and wide rump. Her dam Brooklyn comes from show lines. We are looking forward to see how Cleo matures!

Pics below: Cleo’s Dam’s udder, Sire’s Dam, Sire

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