Dragon's Hollow Silver Belle

DOB: March 8, 2009
Registration # N1529360

Purebred Nubian
Black w/ frosted ears and half white belt
Height: 30"

CAE and Johnes - Negative 2019
G6S Normal

Sire: Stardate Joe Kidd
SS: Top of TNT's New Horizon
SD: Unruli P Cajeta

Dam: Lonesome-Doe Galena 1*M
DS: Lonesome-Doe Birdman of Alktraz
DD: Lon-Duff-Acres Mica

Linear Appraisal
Kidding History


DHIR Stats

Belle is our old girl, she came here at the age of 10 to live out the rest of her life, happy and lazy. She has only known one other home her entire life. We decided to breed her a couple more times and then let her retire and enjoy her life browsing and laying in her favorite spot. Belle is crazy wide, long, and strong on her legs. She is built like a tank, just the way we like our girls. Her udder is wide and high and she gives over a gallon a day. Hoping to earn her star in 2020 as well as have her appraised! We hope she brings some amazing strength and width to our herd before she retires!

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