Fruitful-Acres Corabelle (86 ++AV)

DOB: December 9, 2016
Registration # N001833544

Purebred Nubian
Red and white paint
Height: 28"

G6s Normal

Sire: *B Fruitful-Acres Mr Darcy (+VV 83)
SS: SG +*B 6 M Galaxy Make a Big Splash (++V 84 )
SD: Hard Earned Acres Sunshine 1*M (VEEE 90)

Dam: Pennyroyal Heart of Solomon (VEVE 89)
DS: Pennyroyal Brendan (VEV 89)
DD: SG Pennyroyal Frida’s Corazon 4*M (VEVV 89)

Linear Appraisal
86 ++AV
Kidding History


DHIR Stats

Are we ever excited to bring Corabelle into our herd! Aside from this girl being a stunner with gorgeous breed character and build, she has a stellar pedigree chock full of milk, Elite, SG, and Top Ten animals! Her grandam (sire-side) milked over 3000lbs and scored 90 VEEE as an 8-year-old earning her SG award! She is a beautiful and wide doe that has contributed so much through the line. Cora has SG Six M Galaxy Galina Darlene on both top and bottom, who was a Top Ten doe, Elite doe, milked over 3000lbs and was a 90EEEV doe. She also has SG Pennyroyal Frida’s Corazon as her granddam, an amazing doe that was known for very long lactation and still producing a gallon a day at the end of it and well over 3000lbs. Her great-granddam, SG Pennyroyal Frida was a multiple Top Ten doe and Elite doe and has milked over 3800lbs in her last recorded lactation. Cora’s grandsire Splash was a USDA-DHIR Elite Sire who also had an INBA Outstanding Sire Award. He also had multiple Elite, Top Ten, and SG animals in his immediate background. We’re looking forward to what adding in Pennyroyal will do for our herd and very impressed with what Fruitful-Acres is doing.

We hope that Cora can help to bring in high milk and long level lactations to our herd, as well as the beauty of her character. Thank you to Fruitful-Acres for trusting us with her and for their hard work in creating beautiful heavy milking animals for us to use and continue our work with! Pic credit Fruitful-Acres.

Pics below: Cora’s Dam, Sire’s dam.

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