Meet the Kessel Run Nubians and Mini-Nubians that put the milk in the bucket! 

Fruitful-Acres Corabelle

Purebred Nubian

Stunning & sweet doe.
Six M Galaxy and Pennyroyal.

Fruitful-Acres Promise's Mercy 16*M

Purebred Nubian

Tight socked on udder, long bodied. Six M Galaxy heavy.

Running River Denali's Ladybug

Purebred Nubian

Wide bodied girl, heavy milk lines. Pennyroyal & Six M Galaxy.

Kessel Run Mercy Hallelujah

Purebred Nubian

A beautiful blend of Goldthwaite & Six M Galaxy lines.

Pennyroyal Juno's Juniper

Purebred Nubian

Long-bodied and wide, milk and extended lactations.

Dragon's Hollow Peaches N Cream

F1 Mini-Nubian

Our first doe ever! Beautiful snug & round udder, great production!

Daystar's Calla Lilly 3*P

F5 Mini-Nubian

Stunning breed character, length, dairy, Cornerstone lines. 

Texas Tykes Cleopatra

F1 Mini-Nubian

Beautiful straight topline, depth & width! Gorgeous doe!

Kessel Run Mighty Shiloh

F1 Mini-Nubian

Strong shoulders and width. Beautiful udders and production.