Kessel Run Breeding Plans

Our focus in breeding our Mini-Nubians are well attached and silky soft udders with large orifices and teats the right size for hand-milking. High production and very extended lactations. We also love large roman noses and long ears and are incorporating that as much as possible without sacrificing udders and build. We hand milk for our own home use, so easy to milk udders and attitudes are a priority for us! We also take into account the hardiness of the animals to make for low-maintenance and reliable goats for your homestead. 

Below you will find our breeding plans for the next year.  If you are interested in a kid, send us a note! We will put kids up for sale after weaning which is between 10-12 weeks from kidding unless they are bottled. 

Should you choose a kid, a $100 non-refundable deposit is required to hold the animal.

**We reserve the right to retain any animal we feel is necessary to our breeding program. Breedings are subject to change. 

2022-2023 Breeding Plans

Below are our current breeding plans for the next season.
Plans are not final until the breeding has happened as things can change anytime.
If you are interested in a kid, please contact us to be added to our wait list. 

Kessel Run Mercy Hallelujah (3F)

Wolfhill Wise Ruler *B

KIDDED 11/26/22 (2 BUCKLINGS) ADGA PLANNED BREEDING – Purebred Nubian kids – $500
We were not going to breed PB Nubians anymore and put our focus on our Mini Nubians, but Ruler was still here and we made the decision to use him one more time on a couple of girls. His dam scored 90VEVE this year and has milked over 3100# so we wanted to retain more of his genetics as we adore his dam. Lulu freshened with a lovely correct udder this year and one of the smoothest fore udders, she is an absolute dream to milk. She will earn her 17*M this lactation on milk test.

* First doeling retained

Kessel Run Prancing Prissy (2F)

Wolfhill Wise Ruler *B

KIDDED 12/21/22 (3 Bucklings) –  ADGA PLANNED PEDIGREE – Purebred Nubian Kids $500
Prissy came back to us for a bit so we  put her with Ruler before he leaves. We love these Kulani girls and their fantastic smooth fore udders and soft udders. Look to add a bit more length and add lots of milk! Prissy milks amazingly with large orifices and perfect-sized teats as well as super soft udder texture and the smoothest fore udder. Looking forward to incorporating her udder more into our herd.


Wolfhill Just SunShine (FF)

Kessel Run JJ Thundering Sinai *B/*S

Due – 2/14/23 – F1 Mini Nubian kids (75/25%) – $475
This is a line breed on SG Six M Galaxy Noel Comet +B Elite. Several fantastic animals behind this breeding including lots of milk and correct udders and confirmation being brought into the mini breed. Sunny is a Purebred Nubian and should get her 16*M this year if her dam is on test again, if not she will have a 1*M until her dam is back on test. Sinai’s dam milks over 3100#, lovely udder, and appraised at 90 VEVE this year as. a 5-year-old! She is the same dam as Ruler above. Looking for correct type and high producing and correct udders.

* 1st Doeling retained

Dragon’s Hollow Peaches N Cream AR*D/*P

Kessel Run JJ Thundering Sinai *B/*S

Due 2/9/23 – F2 Mini Nubian kids (50/50%) – $525
Peaches is our beautiful foundation doe that has held up very well with time. We absolutely love her udder and she is one of the hardiest animals in the herd. Sinai comes from our lovely Java who contributed beautiful animals and Sinai’s dam is a 90VEVE 3100+# milker. Looking forward to combining these two lines. Lots of milk with high snug udders.

Bucks will have *B 

*Currently full on reservations

Daystar’s Calla Lilly 3*P/AR*D (MDGA Top Ten 2020 & 2021)

CMAC Dairy Goats Prissy’s Rocket
Due 3/9/23 – F2 Mini Nubian kids (65.28/34.72%)– $500
Calla is one of our other favorite milkers. Lovely structure, great hand-milking teats with large orifices. Calla milked 1685# in 2021 and made MDGA Top Ten list. 2022 she was on track for over 2000# but she got sick halfway through and had to be dried up.

Rocket is the son of Prissy and a littermate to Velvet. Should be smooth, silk-soft, well-milking udders from him.

Kessel Run BC Wild Olive

Kessel Run JJ Thundering Sinai *B/*S

Due 3/7/23 – F2 Mini Nubian kids (56.25/43.75%) – $425
Olive, she is a lovely wide doe. Her dam milked 11-12# as a 2F and comes from heavy Pennyroyal lines. Hopefully, Olive carries on with the production while Sinai corrects the teats from Olive’s dam and keeps the production up. This is a light linebreed on SG Six M Galaxy Nova’s Sonia Noel, a 91EEEV multi Elite and Top Ten doe. Olive took Reserve Grand Champion Jr Doe in the MDGA Spring ’22 V-Show this year, and Sinai was 1st and 2nd in his class!


SG Wingwood Farm Sweet Tanzania 11*M

Kessel Run JJ Thundering Sinai *B/*S

Due 5/9/23 – F1 Mini Nubian kids (75/25%) -$550
Tanzi is a stunning doe with a star-studded pedigree. She milked a steady 12-14# and peaked at a bit more. She makes lovely kids and looking forward to seeing her crossed with Sinai.

Bucks will have *B

1st doeling retained

Windsong Farm Sonia’s Katrina

Kessel Run JJ Thundering Sinai *B/*S

Due 6/11/23 – F1 Mini Nubian kids (75/25%) -$550
A light linebreed on SG Six M Galaxy Comet’s Noel +*B.  Rina has lovely width and is a big producer. We don’t typically kid in June but she recycled and we needed to get her in milk.

1st doeling retained

Private Treaty Breedings – No kids available

Edens Lilly Poplars Eggplant

Kessel Run Jacob

KIDDED 11/19/22 ( 2 Doelings) – F2 Mini Nubian – No kids available
Repeat breeding that produced a lovely doeling that took JR RGCH 2x ad a 4-month-old at the Texas Two-Step Show.

All kids are retained by Kessel Run and Eden’s Lilly.

Edens Lilly Poplars Margaret

Foggy Fork Farm BV Lyrical Serenage *B/*S

Due 3/25/23 – F3 Mini Nubians – No kids available
Looking for some correct kids with lovely udders behind them and good breed character.

All kids are retained by Kessel Run and Eden’s Lilly.