** This will be an ongoing post as we update show results throughout the year! **


This year we had one live show that was within a reasonable distance to us. The Texas Two-Step show put on by Hill Country Mini MIlkers in Boerne, TX. It was a lot of fun and had a fantastic turnout. Each year the show has been put on, more and more have been coming out to show and to watch. We only brought two to show this year, an aged doe and a junior doe.

Dragon’s Hollow Peaches N Cream AR*D/*P – 2x 1st place Aged Doe
Peaches was entered in both rings in the 5+ years Aged Doe class. She took first in each ring and both judges had wonderful things to say about how she has held up after 6 years and 6 freshenings! She is a great foundation doe to build our lines off of. In the GCH lineup, they again had wonderful things to say, but ultimately there were other wonderful does that racked up the points on the scorecard more. One of which was the half-sister to the buck we leased this year! The RGCH doe both times was a daughter of our former herdsire Java who has done lovely things in our herd! We are proud of Peach and will be retaining more daughters from her (we have had a son working in the herd) as she ages more.

Kessel Run BC Wild Olive – 5th and 8th in Under 4 month JR doe (9 kids)
Olive was shown by Ava in both rings. They both need more practice in showing but did well all things considered! Jake’s (our main herdsire) daughter (bred/owned by Nicole Sosebee – Edens Lilly) won 1st place in both rings and took RGCH 2 times!!


Jake – GCH Sr Buck

Olive – RGCH Jr Doe
Lyric – RGCH Jr Buck x2

Other placings (2 rings):

Peach – 3rd x2 (class of 9 Aged Does)

Sinai – 1st & 2nd (class of 9 kids)

Velvet – 2nd & 4th (class of 28 kids)
Zion – 4th & 5th (class of 28 kids)