This is an ongoing updated post until kiddings are done!

2022 is here, and so are new babies! We have a lot of exciting kids coming! Below are those that are born currently, we have more due through the first week of March and then we have a litter in May and in July! We brought in a buck to lease and unfortunately had one litter from him, but were thrilled with what he added to our herd. Lots of width in these kids!

December 21, 2021 
Mercy x Ruler 
1 buck and 1 doe
Kessel Run WR Merciful Hope – SOLD
Kessel Run WR Merciful Woodville  – SOLD
Lots of milk behind these kids! This is a repeat breeding from last year that produced really nice kids. Our last Nubian breeding.

January 18, 2022
Ladybug x Camembert 
2 Bucks and 1 doe
Kessel Run BC Wild Olive – RETAINED
Kessel Run BC Blackhawk
Kessel Run BC Nekoda Returns

These kids are super exciting! We leased Cam for his width and shoulders. He didn’t disappoint, as days go by these kids are even more exciting! We look forward to potentially bringing his son in this year as a lease!