2021 has been a busy year for us. We, unfortunately, missed our club’s live spring show this year, however we heard the turnout was great! But this year, we got out there and worked and got pics of our girls (and one boy!) and entered them into the MDGA Spring virtual Show! It’s always a fun and great event to enter as it gives you valuable feedback ad exposure for your herd!

We had a good group of wins and good feedback from the judges that made us happy that we’re moving in the right direction. The other exciting thing is that we have partnered with Eden’s Lilly Dairy and swapped bucks this year. They took a lot of high places, including two BIS/GCH bucks. Jake, Peaches son took Reserve to son of the buck we brought here. Looking forward to seeing how our herds compliment each other! Proud of our little herd and we entered a couple mor ein the MDGA Fall Virtual Show…so when we have results from that, we’ll add them to this post! Looking forward to making more of these posts each year with hopefully lots more of our animals in the high rankings!


Best Senior Doe in Show – Ring 2
Grand Champion Senior Doe (1st V-Show Leg won)
1st place – Ring 2
Best Udder – Ring 2
2nd Place – Ring 1

Judges Comments:
“Entry A over Entry F in the Mammary System she has the advantage with a well attached globular udder equally balanced from the side and rear, a stronger medial suspensory ligament, a high wide rear udder attachment in her arch-shaped escutcheon area and uniform teats appropriately placed on the udder floor.  In General Appearance she has more angulation to the rear legs when viewed from the side with a long lean neck.” – Lavina Allen

“The 1st place doe brings several points from the score card.  She is eye appealing and elegant in her general appearance. Her dairyness is strong being very angular and open without frailness. Her mammary system is just gorgeous to view from all angles. She has a very symmetrical balanced udder that is extremely held high and tightly molded to her body.  She has held up very well for a 5 year old doe!” – James Oller

KESSEL RUN JACOB – Peaches son (above)
Reserve Grand Champion SR Buck – Ring 1
1st Place – Ring 1
2nd Place – Ring 2

Judge’s Comments:
“Entry A places over Entry D in General Appearance.  Entry A has a more ideal angulation of the rear legs when viewed from the side, in the topline he is longer in the chine with smoother blending of the neck into his withers and more level in the loin, when viewed from the top he is wider in the hips with smooth blending of his shoulder into the chest wall.” – Lavina Allen

“The 2nd place buck is a long sided uphill boy.  He has the slight advantage in overall body capacity when viewed from the side. He has more appropriate angulation on his top view as well.” – James Oller

JC’s Elisheba
Reserve Grand Champion JR Doe
1st Place – Ring 2 (17 kids)
8th Place – Ring 2

Judges Comments:
“The 1st place doe is the leader in general appearance for me today.  She’s well balanced, yet long and stylish.  She’s excellent in body capacity.  She is well sprung in rib.  She remains sharp and open, yet is strong in substance.” Judge Oller

“Entry B over Entry D in General Appearance.  Entry B is wider between her hocks with a higher escutcheon area, in the topline she is longer in bone especially in the loin with smoother blending of the loin into the rump and a longer leaner neck.” Lavina Allen

4th Place – Ring 2 (23 yearlings and youngest)
6th Place – Ring 1 (23 yearlings and youngest)

Judges Comments:
“The 4th place doe stands above the doe in 5th in a very close placing.  She will show is the slight advantage in structural soundness about those feet and legs today. They are both pretty equal in their body capacity and dairy character.”  James Oller

“Entry A over Entry I in General Appearance.  As a first generation Entry A is starting out very nicely, in her topline she is long and uphill with good angularity about the shoulder and when viewed from above has a good flat shoulder and good width in the hips giving a nice dairy wedge in Dairy Character.”  Lavina Allen