This kidding season was eventful, to say the least! We’ve not had one issue in kidding until this year and it seems a lot of people had to assist does this year, strange indeed. However, we had some beautiful kids this year and it gets us excited for NEXT year already! Here is a showcase or our beautiful babies this year!

Calla x Elias – Calla, a mini-Nubian, had a HUGE buckling (F2), a whopping 11.6lbs! He was beautiful as can be though. He found a new farm and is registered as Kessel Run Obadiah.

Kessel Run Obadiah

Mercy x Kulani – Purebred Nubians – Mercy had a gorgeous single blue roan doeling. She has that stunning blend of Six M Galaxy and Goldthwaite. She is retained and has been named Kessel Run Mercy Hallelujah.

Kessel Run Mercy Hallelujah

Peaches x Kulani – F1 mini-Nubians – Peach surprised us with triplets this year! 2 does and a buck! Absolutely gorgeous kids and the buck has such great potential. Peaches udder this year has matured beautifully and we are very excited about her daughter we retained, and her son we will use next year.
Kessel Run Mighty Shiloh (red roan – retained)
Kessel Run Iceman (buck, SOLD)
Kessel Run Necessary Friend ( doe, SOLD)

Corabelle x Kulani – Purebred Nubians – Corabelle gave us triplets as well 1 doe and 2 bucks, unfortunately, we lost her little girl as she birthed. However, her gorgeous boys found lovely homes!

Calypso x Kulani – Purebred Nubians – Calypso, our FF gave us buck/doe twins! Both have found homes!
Kessel Run Prancing Prissy

If you liked what you saw here, well, we have even better babies planned for 2021!! Check out our breeding plan and contact us if you see something that interests you!